Monday, May 4, 2009

Friends & Favorites Award: [more! More! MOre! MORe! MORE!]

I'm a big-time reader. I love reading and writing with a passion. Every two weeks I check two books out of the library. I read the blogs in my Google Reader (sometimes, I comment..sometimes, I don't; however, if I don't comment that doesn't mean I wasn't interested or captured by what I'd read. There have been times I've been rushed off the computer and I've gone back to the site and re-read...And, then, left a comment. It's those blogs I return to, again and again and again..those are my favorites!)

I have lot's of favorite blogs. Lots! So many, in fact, this post would probably take up all of the space provided by Blogger, were I to give it the old College try, listing blogs, as if they were the Forbes 500 [w/o, the Drug cartel, of course]

When I think of blogger's who I'd love to meet, or blogger's I'd love to have as a friend, the list narrows down a bit; (yes,...Lil Bit's on that list. Thanks for the Award, s/h) and, several writers leap to mind. I smile, while thinking of them; thinking of the way they challenged my expectations and helped me see life from a different perspective; thinking, how very fine the writing itself is; and, with a step away, how the images or words made me say to myself, "That's just perfect..just right."

It is to these I set my sight upon first, as I travel this "Matrix" [Lil Bit's word], this Universe, of blogs....the list, ever expanding, grows with each journey of reading.

The "Favorite" Award:

Newest Favorites:

These peeps I've found on my travels. They are like stars. Some are poets, others make me smile, and think at same time.

Number One :

Amy Venezia

"My Bedroom Blog."

If you're Single, (like me) you'll love this blog. Amy has a sense of humor and a spirit that shines each week. Friday's have turned into a day to step-back, before I step out, take a little trip over to Amy's, and read what she's happy about. Reading her, (trust me) will make you happy...You may be looking for love; however, if you read Amy you'll find a compatriot. She's wise, witty, and I'd give my wisdom-teeth to share a Moca (at Starbucks) w/ her.

note: I just realized all my favorites & friends are Women.


Number Two:

Single Girl

"Sex, Lies, and Dating In The City"

In the Universe of blogs, there are many venues! Some peeps are not available in my Google Reader; however, this does not stop me from reading (or, venturing into other spaces.) Single Girl is a New Yorker. She's got the goods on Online Dating and she'll tell you (women & men) exactly what can happen when wandering the (sometimes) shark invested waters of the dating experience. With humor, and honesty, she pursues relationships and finds the value in the journey. As a reader, you are welcomed to share your own views, insights, and advice.
She is a valuable resource.

You'll find her blog at ... Single Girl is the sugar in my coffee.


[To Be Continued].....What are you reading??


So now, after a bit of absence, let me continue:

Number Three:


"My Thoughts"

Sometimes, our lives call back to us. Even as we grow, and reach further, beyond the conflicts of youth, the past seems all- too- ready to speak. It comes from a deep place, those stories of our lives; in fiction, the lives referred to are "characters," invented with shades of truth and experience.

Shania's blog is pristine in it's raw moments. She's delved into the trials we all can empathize with, and articulates her experience without sentimentality; gems, of reality, shining upon the page. Recognition, for the reader, builds, with each post read.

This blog is an evolving memoir...

...As such, it requires a commitment to read each part/post and stay with each episode..

Shania's "thoughts" are powerful, well stated, and provocative. Her Journey, from Cali To
Canada, is another new "favorite."

Onward, more "favorites"!


Number Four:


"Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures"

>> Life is an adventure. We chart the course, sometimes, without a map, bumping into situations that give meaning to the day-to-day. Sarah, in her "blogtastic" way, travels the road less traveled and gives smiling testimony to what Magazine Editors call, "Personal Essay" ...She comes across as the kind of person you'd love to sit and chat with , over a flaky croissant. The voice of reason shines with humor. Her life and love of John Denver (yes, I'm a fan of "you fill up my senses ('hummmmm') like a night in the forest") are given their due.

>> I can only sing, with praise....

>>Go say, "hey" to Sarah. She's a goodin', as my Grandma used to say. You'll be glad you did! :)


Number Five:


"Now What?"

Are you a fan of Winnie The Pooh? Do you suppress the urge to sing the Tigger song, while jumping up and down? Are factoids a curious part of your daily ritual; learning something (about something) you know a lil about, but never knew why "Dat Camel don't sneeze????"

If you answered yes to any of the above questions Christine's blog is for you. Her wit and range of research carries the day. There is a world of things out there you cannot possibly know everything about; however, if you like Trivial Pursuit(s) Christine is a one-stop-shop for giggles....and, all those moments you shook your head and said,
"I never knew that! That's so funny/strange/interesting/amazing/ridiculous/gentle, yet firm/fill-in-the-blank, cuz you're a smarty-pants now!"

Trust me, this blog is a necessary experience.
Christine is a wonderful, generous, blogger.

~~jumping up & down!

Go.....and, catch da habit!

[To be Continued....]



Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

I love reading other people's favorites and why!

I have so many in my reader that I try and catch up with some of my "second string" blogs : )

Thanks for the recomendations I am going over there now to check those two out!

Aphro-ME-siac said...

Hi there!

Thank you so much- what an amazing gift to give this morning-

I am honored and I think I will smile most of the day because of it:)

Thank you William- so very much...

William H. Balzac said...

Sarah~~I'll be adding more blog favorites tonight. Go say, "hey" to Lil Bit. She's the one who got this ball rolling!

Amy ~~You're very welcome! I love your blog.

alwayswinner786 said...

Hi William,
I too love reading others favorite.
I have just visited "My Bedroom Blog" it is really amazing.
Waiting to read some more of your favorites.
Happy Paddy's Day.
Your friend always.

William H. Balzac said...

alwayswinner786~~I had some computer trouble last night;...just a few bugs to take care of.

I'll be back to posting tonight.

Thank you, for reading & following.


Ed Warner said...

You have just been awarded the “Honest Scrap” award. I couldn’t think of a more deserving candidate.
To claim your badge and pass it on, go to

Valeria said...

Hi honey,
thanks for the visit on my site.
Love & kisses, ;)

Christine said...

What a lovely post!
I agree with you with Shania.

Shania said...

OMG William, Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, it is truly an honor...Wow I still can't believe it....

Thanks once again and also for recommending other blogs, as soon as I have a chance I will start reading them.
Muahhh,(big kiss)


SINgleGIRL said...

Thank you so much for the shout out, darling. I'm honored.


William H. Balzac said...

Hey! SingleGirl:
I was just posting another "favorite"....

Your Welcome! Love reading you..I know NEW YORK, that's for sure! :)


Shania~~You're very welcome, dear.
Keep writing. You've got a story to tell. All the best.


Sarah~~You've made my day with your blog! "New Favorite"


Christine~~ Hey! Good to see you here...Ummm, "favorite" comin' up, I think.


Valeria~~What can I say? I love your hot, erotic, Italian writing!

William H. Balzac said...

Amy~~You're a goodin'

Lil Bit said...

Very nice list of favorites you're amassing, s/h! -- and thanks for the link-nod.
I *do* consider you a friend, regardless if we've only met in the matrix. =)

Alison said...

sending smiles*
...and to let you know that i'm working to get angelgirl back on track :-)
her template is just a bit disorderly at the moment..but soon. i promise.
maybe with a new name but still with the full story attached.
you will be the first to know.