Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Monumental Request

I've been asked to write
about happiness:
Smiley faces, and babbling brooks;
Or, the pursuit of happy books--
Evidence of timely things, stacked upon the shelves
Giving the goose to childish things.

Sometimes, the glee is tamped-down,
And there aren't any cheerful moments.

It is the nature of life, they say, to be as rollicking as a roller-
As large in its emotions as an ocean of tears.

Happy is as happy goes.
If you're smiling now, dear ones,

I've hit the mark.

Today, I've chosen to lean toward your request.
I've chosen to smile
On a rainy day.

`x~William ~copyright~ 09/27/09.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

....Sexy One.

The way you

Hold your head
in your hands;
an upturned, saucy, smile
tells me all.

I want to be consumed by you;
each moment,
tied to you.

Your embrace
is what I long for.

Your face,
in my hands....

...Kissable lips,
so lightly,


To love.

`x~William ~~Copyright 09/26/09

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Untitled [Notebook]:

I'll begin with the word, "untitled"; its transparency, and its invisibility,
Heavy with whatever meaning

You'll will it to be. The world will enter here,
Just as unknown, as long as we let it be.

I want to treat each word as a jumper upon a trampoline;
Reaching for the heights, the stars. Keep on, in your den,
Because even the untitled find their place,
Never untouchable,
In their riches
Always striving toward sensibility
As close as my doorstep,
And, a walk outside.

Believe, I cried,
To a world
Too loud to hear.

Even those things untitled,
Are given a place,
And, the choices we make,
Our own.

Never fear,...

...She said. Walk all those roads,


Settle your sights upon home.

`x~William ~ copyright 09/23/09

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where's William??????????????????????:

[music for "staycation"]

I'm taking a short break in blogging & being online.

See you all, once again, in two weeks.
I need a staycation*, badly.

`x~William. 09/1109.

* A vacation, close to home & inexpensive.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine

Katrina and now
we had

lost you.

The remnants still linger,
and time doesn't stand still;
even though, we may
at times think it does.

It is just a trick of the senses,
casting out its reel,
and latching on,
without knowing what
the surface holds.

Those years,
stacked up,
carry all the weight of changes;
some more subtle than others.

The memory of you
is a fine thing
solid as brick.

In my life,
moving forward
never seemed harder.

The bag upon my shoulder,
no longer has the heft
of accumulated stones.

My heart
is full,


singing the years,
like a favorite

Love as always~William~copyright 09/24/2009.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It's always best not to set your sights too high;
Feeding small animals, or a walk in the park, is enough
For one day.

You can smile,
While admitting
The years you've worked;
Capturing each patch
Of crab-grass in your hand,
Each moment reached, breached,
And, bridged by concentrated effort.

The world will not be still any longer. There aren't any silent moments
In the City; however, you can wander there
Even in the center of a crowd.

The best years are ahead of you.
Never be fearful of wandering.
Those many roads
Are forever calling.

All the best things come
While spinning your thoughts:

The wind shall hear my words...
...And the stars will speak them.

Let your solitary moments,
He said,

`x~William ~copyright 09/08/09