Saturday, February 14, 2009

What We Need:

In these Uncertain Times
We need Poetry.

We call the shots
and call out

the bigger-shots
as they float
their Golden parachutes.

between para-graphs written
and simple-man wisdom

We see Ourselves...

Us, merging with them;

as luminous as Our



Vevay Anderson said...

This is a beautiful thought. In these uncertain times maybe everyone should sit down, write a poem, and make the world a better place!

Gabriel Gadfly said...

I love the music and rhythm of this poem. Nicely done. I wonder at the spelling of "para-shoots" as opposed to "para-chutes." I don't mind the hyphen, but I wonder if spelling it "shoots" take the "We call the shots / and call out the bigger-shots" bit too far.

William said...

Vevay~~Thank you, so much. I've been thinking a lot, lately, about Poetry & its place in Society today.

Some say "the book," as a object to be treasured & collected, is beginning to see it end. I wonder about this. I hope Poetry will always find an audience.

I read your post on "love," however, I did not comment. Let me tell you here: There is someone out there who feels exactly like you do. You may not have met him yet..but, you will.
Keep the faith, hun.


Gabriel~~You're going to laugh:
I wrote this poem very quickly, without too much thought behind it. It all just fell, exactly as I "spoke" it, aloud.

I didn't worry about the spelling of "Parachute"..and, in my mind, was trying to see it as "paragraph" and "Parachute" mixed [as a writer would stumble in the execution of his prose]...

Your point, however, is a very good one.

I'm in for some revision, always.

Thank you, for your comments & reading.