Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Foot In The Stream:

I’ll tell you I’m working on it and you’ll know I’ve never lied;

each small step

sends ripples, circles, outward from this place.

There is no better comfort than boldness in times like these;
times, bespeaking, unsteadiness.

There is also the age factor to be wary of:

On solid ground,
your footfalls are leaving small traces
of your Soul.

[Do you not know this? The path widens your perspective, Child. Open your eyes, breathe.]

Do not attempt to pull me back. Daylight shall find me older today…

…The water is stirred, no matter what words escape my lips…

…Only circles of Time perceives them. I’ll carry myself, straight as the Dutch Elm,

a mirror of growth;

a foot,

in the stream.



TheAcolyteTao said...

Hey, not bad. I'm not a poetry kind of guy, but this is pretty good.

Nina E J said...

I like this poem! I especially love th ending "a mirror of growth; a foot, in the stream" - beautiful!