Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It's always best not to set your sights too high;
Feeding small animals, or a walk in the park, is enough
For one day.

You can smile,
While admitting
The years you've worked;
Capturing each patch
Of crab-grass in your hand,
Each moment reached, breached,
And, bridged by concentrated effort.

The world will not be still any longer. There aren't any silent moments
In the City; however, you can wander there
Even in the center of a crowd.

The best years are ahead of you.
Never be fearful of wandering.
Those many roads
Are forever calling.

All the best things come
While spinning your thoughts:

The wind shall hear my words...
...And the stars will speak them.

Let your solitary moments,
He said,

`x~William ~copyright 09/08/09


ronkeytonk said...

This is really nice.

gabe said...

Beautiful. Truly beautiful