Friday, July 10, 2009

All That is Given [Notebook]:

The past can be a blessing or a curse. What advice shall I give? Is it a wanted thing;
now peering at the world with a jaundiced eye?
Capture kindness in your hands, before you leap.
Open yourself to the rough and tumble.
Play the game of love with reciprocation
Enjoy whatever the light or dark brings you.

Move forward, little one,
and carry the good
of all that is given.

love as always, William ~~Copyright: July 10, 2009.


Sunflower Ranch said...

William, this is a sweet and gentle reminder for all of us to live a good life, to make our way through the brambles we face everyday with kindness and sensibility.

"Move forward, little one,
and carry the good
of all that is given."

Excellent advice and my inspiration for today!! Thank you and have a fantastic weekend, full of all the good! :D

William H. Balzac said...

Sunshine Ranch~~ Thanks, Sunshine. The poems I've been writing and collecting are going into my next book. These poems will be dedicated to my nieces & nephews. The title (as, follow-up to, "The Wind Shall Hear My Words...") is: "...and, the Stars will Speak them."

Dr. Dave said...

Nicely if I can just get my children to move forward at all, I'll then impart this wisdom to them on your behalf.

William H. Balzac said...

Doctor Dave ~~ lol! Good Luck..I'm sure they will thank you (all in good time.) Cheers.

Silver said...

This is one of the best read i'd done for this week. Marvellous.


William H. Balzac said...

Silver~~ Beyond the blogging world, I've been very busy, lately. However, I've clicked over to your two blogs & clicked into being a follower for both. (I can always use a good recipe...and, reflections)
Your comment made me very happy (I guess I'm on the right track.) Please drop in, anytime.