Friday, July 31, 2009

After [Notebook]:

It seemed simple, how you walked the earth, carrying his rib into your future. The Earthworks were small then; battlements, and barricades were invisible, without any thought to War. The pastures were your magic carpet, laid out, spread across miles and miles of green. In the heavens, the big guy looked down in wonder, re-making all the rules of Temptation a blue bit of Knowledge for the coming generations. The full-blown Sixties would see you free; love, in constant flux, was a cautionary tale, gathered by the wise and infirm. For one, shining moment, History became a tablet, always re-written.

A man and woman raise their heads from the pillow, and
Drink new wine. The love-birds, feather their nest.

Somewhere, in the after-Time, they are re-born;

Peaceful Night, for Clinging desire,

Some other fire


`x~William ~ 7/31/09


Jes said...

I really enjoyed this - it is well crafted and enticing!

William H. Balzac said...

Jes~ Thank you. What I was going for was the Eve and Adam story in prose and let the prose "fall" into poetry as an ending. There is the movement of Past to Present. I'm happy you were enticed by this.
There is a feeling within me, probably spiritual in nature, which tells me the human race reenacts the story of Genesis everyday. It is a knowledge that is passed down..that old tree of good and evil, is most definitely a moral weather-vane..We give choice apples to our understanding.