Friday, January 9, 2009

..."quiet desperation."

We can question Ourselves
until the last breath,

never knowing
all the struggles
of Others.


I've carried the suitcase
of your Life:

The walk to the Station,
and the ride,
on the tracks,


in my Heart,
I recognized the Child.

What we experience
is not a burden,
it's a Life.]


Motion, commanded,
forward, pushed,
with a Devil at Our heels.


It's there,
among the Quiet,-- stalling, before it starts--

You'll hear the murmur
of Our Days:

Onward, onward,
between Connections, never made...

...and, the Silence,



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Aphro-ME-siac said...

I loved this-

Beautiful!!! And spoke to me, so thank you...