Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Poetic Analysis" :

Sometimes, you just have to let go.


"Poetic Analysis" :

I am the stone in my father's shoe;

the tall-boy
in the study

being crowded out
by the Elephant

The Living room.

~Love as always,

William. copyright~6/16/09. 3:58PM.


Sunflower Ranch said...

William, your blog is fantastic! I love the poetry and your comments with the award below are delightful! I also like your bedside reading list -- lots of interesting titles in that mix. [More for me to explore, I think. LOL] You're now one of my new favorites! Keep up the great work! :D

Gerry Boyd said...

perfect! so much said in so few words. bravo!

William H. Balzac said...

Sunflower Ranch~~I've been awfully lax in my reading of blogs lately..I'm going to make a point of visiting your blog, soon. Thank you, so much, for your kindness of expression. Keep writing..keep reading.

Gerry~~You know, all I thought about as I wrote those lines was: "Jesus, this is just full of tired expressions!.....Then again, It all kind of made a strange bit of sense. Thanks.:)