Monday, March 30, 2009


It would be music that sustained him;
long nights, and bursts
of breaking
the silence.

between sunset
and sunrise
his thoughts returned
to far-away people;
solitary beings, just as relevant as he.

He pauses the song,
and reaches back with his mind;

a calm container
of wishes.

`x~William / copyright: 03/30/09.


Alison said...

i read your poem with tears streaming down my face, it is so beautiful and very, very special. thank you.

you read my post about angels and i have no doubt about you. you are a blessing.

our friendship sustained over time, distance, sick and sin :-)

i send you love and warm african smiles*

Christine said...

Very sweet, and profoundly moving.
And a very appropriate video with Pink Floyd.

Nina E J said...

very sweet! love it! good accompanying video!