Friday, November 28, 2008

A fun Exercise (A parody of John Milton's "On His Blindness"):

*On His Blindness*

When I consider the bulb burnt out I cannot see it.
Ev'ry night is a struggle in the room with a view
And my only talent is the nakedness I hide--
Scorning me, in it's youthfulness unseen:
An Unspent coil, a snake, to serve my Maker,
far from the Garden wall...There's no accounting
for it...

...Lest, he return, chilled.

Why is God a day laborer,
and all Darkness on Sunday?
I fondly light, no incandescent bulb
Is Bright!

It's okay, I'll pay the bill,
on the 'morrow.
He'd made me strong to Work

And, if I can find my Best Clothes
In The Darkness,
I shall stand and serve forever
in a candle-lit restaurant.



random thoughts from a random person said...

this is a great parody!!! & makes much more sense to me than the original!!! loved it! XD

William said...

~Random~ I probably should posted the original as well. I happy you liked it.